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Thursday 24 Jul 2014
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I used Fix-it on May 1st for repairing of non-functioning switches, electric line repair, new fitmen...
Recently took the services of Fix All fixing few switches, and rerouting some electrica...
about us
Fix-All has been started by entrepreneurs with a passion for organizing and professionalizing the home-improvement services market. The idea is probably already in the minds of many budding enterpreneurs across the country and is widely acknowledged as a crying need, but has remained in the idea stage because of the challenges involved in organizing this industry.The industry is plagued by lack of professionalism and Fix-All is an attempt to rectify this by providing basic service guarantees (e.g. Service on time, providing estimates before doing work, Transparent pricing) that are considered hygienic in other service industries. Fix-All was started in may 2010 and has achieved a 95%+ c...